Standardizing the GYN statistics in Cytology, a national program

The Saudi Society of Cytotechnology and Histotechnology adopts a new and unique project which is Standardizing the GYN statistics (number and categories of the pap smear interpretations) in Cytology laboratories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The project aims to enhance the level of quality and ensures the compliance to accreditation bodies’ standards through providing benchmarking data that enable cytology laboratories to compare their statics with and take appropriate actions.

This national project is supervised by the “Standardizing the GYN statistics committee” headed by the Senior Specialist in Cytopathology and the Supervisor of Cytology in the Regional laboratory in Riyadh Mr. Ahmad Alsayed.

All participants should receive the appropriate appreciation and we ask Allah to ease things in this project and to accept our good deeds.


Please use the following link to fill the Cytology statistics form for your laboratory:


and to help you organize the collection of data, you may use this form:

To access the benchmarking data for the GYN statistics in Cytology laboratories in Saudi Arabia, please click on the following link: