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To be a reference for the scientific professional practices in the fields of Cytotechnology and Histotechnology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Enhancing the practices of Cytotechnology and Histotechnology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing recommendations based on national and international standards and by organizing continuous education activities.


1. Providing the opportunity for workers in the society’s fields of specialization and interests to contribute to the movement of scientific and professional progress in these fields.
2. Contributing to developing the skills of health practitioners, developing professional scientific thought, and developing the performance of the society’s members in its field of specialization.
3. Facilitating the exchange of scientific production, scientific and professional ideas, providing scientific advice, and carrying out the necessary studies to raise the level of performance in the areas of interest of the society among the institutions and bodies concerned.
4. Providing technical advice to various health authorities regarding health practices, activities and procedures, and evaluating health facilities for the purpose of accrediting them to provide the service.
5. Participate in evaluating the professional academic qualifications and professional performance of practitioners in the society’s field of specialization in agreement with the relevant authorities.
6. Active participation in supporting the departments of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and serving health practitioners

Virtual Academy of Anatomic Pathology and Histo-Cytotechnology (APHC)

الأكاديمية الإفتراضية لعلم الأمراض التشريحي وتقنيتيّ الخلايا والأنسجة (8)

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