Daily Archives: 24 September، 2022

  • Case 7

    Submandibular mass .Diff Quick smears and cell block . Diagnosis  : Adenoid cystic carcinoma ( ACC ) . The diagnostic clue in aspirates from ACC are large globules of extracellular matrix, partially surrounded by basaloid tumor cells. Credit: : Abdulelah Attiah , CT(ASCP),CTIAC 

  • Case 2

    Voided urine from a patient with hematuria . 3D clusters with high N/C ratio , nuclear overlapping and fibrovascular core . Dx : Low grade urothelial carcinoma Credit: Abdulelah Attiah CT(ASCP),CTIAC

  • Case 1

    Voided urine from a 59 years male with gross hematuria . Dx : Squamous cell carcinoma  with Schistosoma ova Credit: Abdulelah Attiah , CT(ASCP), CTIAC 

  • Case 3

    Pap smear from a 53 patient with a known history of gastric cancer Microscopic Description: Loosely cohesive cluster and single atypical cells exhibiting hyperchromatic eccentric crescent shape nuclei ,coarse chromatin, irregular contour ,prominent nucleoli and vacuolated cytoplasm. Credit: Abdulelah Attiah , CT(ASCP),CTIAC