-Thyroid FNA-

General Diagnostic Category : Malignant (Category VI)

Interpretation: Non-Hodgkin lymphoma ( High grade B-cell Lymphoma).

:Microscopic description Cellular aspirates that show predominance of medium to large lymphocytes with abnormal cytologic features. Scattered follicular cells and Hurthle cells noted

Flow Cytometry Summary: Immunophenotyping of Fine Needle Aspiration leukocytes by flow cytometry shows an abnormal B cell population (about 40% of the cells analyzed) that is positive for CD10 dim CD19, CD20, CD22,CD38 FMC-7 partial , surface kappa light chain restriction (dim signal). These B cells are negative for CD5, CD34

Credit: Moammar M. Mudhaffar, MSc, CT(IAC), CT(ASCP)

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