• Case # 6

    -Thyroid FNA- General Diagnostic Category : Malignant (Category VI) Interpretation: Non-Hodgkin lymphoma ( High grade B-cell Lymphoma). :Microscopic description Cellular aspirates that show predominance of medium to large lymphocytes with abnormal cytologic features. Scattered follicular cells and Hurthle cells noted Flow Cytometry Summary: Immunophenotyping of Fine Needle Aspiration leukocytes by flow cytometry shows an abnormal […]

  • Case 3

    FNA of a thyroid lesion showing prominent globules reminiscent of adenoid-cystic carcinoma. High proliferative index in cellblock. Follow up: POORLY DIFFERENTIATED THYROID CARCINOMA. Credit: Dr. Yazeed Alwealie

  • Case 1

    FNA of a clinically aggressive thyroid tumor showing morphologic features suggestive of columnar cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Image 2 Evidence of anaplastic transformation is seen in the following picture Credit: Dr. Yazeed Alwelaie